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Will Coinbase 10x? Exposure to Bitcoin, Crypto, and USDC upside are driving my investment thesis

0:00 Before I talk about Coinbase (COIN), I have to talk about Bitcoin / Crypto
1:18 Gen Z, Millenials, & Gen X love Bitcoin and Crypto. I believe it is the next big asset class Crypto is more popular than mutual funds. My thesis is crypto will eventually replace bonds.
2:55 Let’s talk about Bitcoin first. It’s the oldest, first successful form of digital commodity.
03:40 Bitcoin’s adoption has network effects. Bitcoin has begun it’s adoption S-Curve. Going through the stats.
09:20 Addressing some of the criticisms of Bitcoin — Can it be stopped? Looking at the Bitcoin protocol and it’s place in the internet layers.
16:49 Differentiating Bitcoin–a digital commodity–from Crypto as a whole, including smart contract platforms, infrastructure projects, and governance tokens
22:10 What is Coinbase (COIN)? My chart explaining “everything” Coinbase does-MOST IMPORTANT PART OF VIDEO
33:10 Why Coinbase has become much stronger recently
36:28 Financial analysis of Coinbase. Let’s look at revenue growth and revenue mix.
39:51 USDC – An interesting part of Coinbase’s revenue mix (very exciting).
43:37 Competition, concentration, customer retention, macro sensitivity, acquisitions
44:57 OpEx – I love how they spend. Little marketing spend but high tech R&D
46:37 Growth Runway
47:28 Any near-term bankruptcy risk for Coinbase?
49:47 Coinbase Valuation
51:35 Dilution, insider ownership, and Is It Founder-led?
51:50 Revenue per employee – my second favorite metric.
52:07 Coinbase (COIN) stock price direction and trend, short interest, my position
53:47 How will Coinbase perform? A look at a few Coinbase Catalysts

In this video, I explore Coinbase (COIN) as an investment. Is Coinbase a buy right now? Is Coinbase stock a good investment? How high will coinbase go? I believe to start answering this question, one needs to look at their stance on Bitcoin and Crypto in general. It would not make sense to buy Coinbase for anybody who is not bullish on the space. Therefore, I spend a little time explaining what Bitcoin is and differing it to Crypto. Then I spend more time describing why Coinbase became a more powerful player recently due to the unfortunate downfall of FTX,,, Voyager Digital, Celcius Network, and the DCG empire. I explain how coinbase acts as a bridge between institutions and the crypto and bitcoin world, how coinbase is integral to so many crypto and layer 2 projects and solutions, and how Coinbase (COIN) has a privileged position as a creator of USDC. I especially spend a little time discussing the financials, where transaction and subscriptions revenues are headed, and whether coinbase risks going bankrupt or not. I conclude with my no-investment-advice stance on the company as a whole and the ecosystem.

My old video on Bitcoin for those who are interested:

As always, this video is NOT investment advice, and none of the contents should be construed as such. I do not make short-term or long-term price predictions for any stock investment, and all words spoken in this video are for entertainment purposes ONLY .


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