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Who is Michele Domizi ?

Thank you for your interest in joining Aladino Mining. After you sign up we have made it easy for you to grow your team. All you need to do is sign up and after you register send your friends your link plus the link below to the marketing system.

ALADINO is where real AI decision-based Altcoin mining meets network marketing. NFTs backed by mining are issued to accepted members in the $100 Million Elite Club!

Contact us via telegram, Discord, or Whatsapp so that your enrollment link can be added to all of the YouTube videos as well.

If you found this video online please use any of the following enrollment links to create your account:

This way you will help one of our community members grow their teams also.

Please enroll using the METAMASK wallet on your computer or personal computer.

You can use any of the links below so you can join our community.


If you sign up with any of the above links and would like your link added to this list and on all future videos please contact us right away.

We are growing a big community here and want you to enjoy the benefits of team building.

Join our community below.

You and Your team can earn Bitcoin and USDT ERC20 daily โ€“ right before the next bull market!

Business model:
Real Altcoin mining using artificial intelligence. The AI Smart algorithm will decide what the most profitable Altcoin is at the moment and your mining NFT / Machine will mine that token or coin and then sell it for Bitcoin. This business has a real physical product that will mine altcoins for you for the next five years. The NFTs being sold grant you access to own your very own miner and share in the long-term company profits. New people are not needed to enroll in this business. Once you purchase your NFT you will receive Bitcoin every single day. I suggest you withdraw your Bitcoin and USDT ERC 20 daily as there is no reason to leave your funds on the Aladino Platform. If you ever want to purchase another NFT you can do that at any time in the future until they are all sold out.

Public figures:
There will be public faces with a positive track record. One of them is a popular figure in the mining space. Please watch the other videos below to get to know the owners of Aladino Mining.

Limited supply:
Become part of an Elite VIP club and secure your mining hash before all the equipment is sold out. The number of people will be capped so please register today. Once all the NFTs are sold out the club will be closed and no one will be able to sign up afterward. This ensures the maximum profit for the pioneers who signed up and took massive action.

Compensation plan:
Take advantage of the very attractive and competitive uni-level marketing plan with huge earning potential. Earn rank and infinity bonuses by participating in the career system.

Aladino NFT and Referral Plan V2.2 Draft PDF

25% Percent Daily Mining Reward With Aladino Mining

Aladino Compensation Plan September 2023

Aladino Mining Leader’s Zoom Call 09 2023

Aladino Mining CEO Michele Domizi Zoom Interview

Short English Video on Aladino Mining

Short Spanish Video on Aladino Mining

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