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Veve whales sweep more floors! More OMI buying! Veve doing more hiring!

not financial advice. not a financial advisor

link to earth 2 game

referral code UEMTQRK5IZ


If you want to tip me in OMI. Layer 2 only!

Instagram handle TheRealRandyChavez

twitter @RealRandyChavez


Ebay Store

Chavez Megacity

Merch Store

Link for free Pi and use my username (Chavycat5) as your invitation code.

Raythax twitter

David Yu interview

Mint a Feesh

Nastascia only fans

True Facet link

Best Friends Animal Society

Alfred Kahn’s charity

Chavez youtube membership perks!

Predator Project on opensea

Stealing Manhattan book link

Rashid Al Farooq online store


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