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Understanding Vesting Schedules For Private Seed Rounds Cryptocurrency IDO Launchpads When To Sell

I share my own entries into coins and where I buy in my discord! If you want that and IDO, NFT, Degen, talk then join the discord

I believe the next biggest crypto gains are going to be in IDO’s and launchpads (NFT’s too but this channel is not dedicated to it) so I’ve dedicated my time in crypto to solely looking for the best opportunities to maximize my gains and I’m sharing my findings!

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, Crypto currencies have extreme volatility and you can easily lose all your funds. I am not recommending you take any action after watching my videos and this video is for entertainment purposes. This is what I’m doing an my research that I’m openly sharing. I could be very wrong in how I research cryptocurrency.

100% Of Youtube Earnings (Monetized + Reachouts + Videos made) Are Given To The Community (Discord) And Church / Charity Donations. (50% Community/50% Donated). Furthermore I do my best to vet every project that comes my way and only accept so far about 40% of projects.

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