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Top Blockchains and the Developer Factor

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00:00 Introduction
01:24 The Story
02:00 Some History
02:13 Want to know where crypto is going?
02:34 Highest Number of Blockchain Devs Ever
03:07 Ethereum is a Beast
03:29 ETH is 2.5X the Next Largest
03:56 1000+ Developer Ecosystem Growth
04:35 300+ Developer Ecosystem Growth
05:37 The 16x Growers – DOT ATOM and SOL
05:54 Most Total Devs Since Launch SOL MATIC NEAR KSM
06:30 The Bear 2018 vs 2022 Comparison
07:26 Yrs Since First Commit – SOL Fastest Ever
07:36 Defi Dev ETH, ATOM and SOL in Top 3
08:25 Half of all Defi Dev Now Outside of ETH
08:53 NFT’s Bring Adoption
09:26 NFT Devs Exploding
09:44 Top Chains vs Developers
10:24 Devs Vs Return since 2021 & 2022
13:22 Devs Explain 7% of ROI Since 2021
13:35 Devs Explain 6% of ROI since 2022
13:53 More Devs = More ROI since 2021
14:27 DAU for Top Dev Chains
15:10 Correlation Between Devs and DAU
15:35 Top Developers Chase Max Impact
15:45 Conclusion


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