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Top 5 Exchange Coins to Buy Before Coinbase IPOs!

Exchange tokens/coins are super hot lately because of Coinbase’s impending IPO listing. Many of them have already started to rocket because of a phenomenon called Exchange Token Repricing. But which ones should we buy? And which ones should we avoid? These are big questions that I hope you answer for you in THIS video since I’ve done a ton of research of exchange coins and tokens that may be worthy. If you think my thesis and strategy is correct then be sure to strap in and give this video a watch because it is made just for you!

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0:00 Intro (My Strategy)
2:47 Binance Coin BNB
6:17 Huobi Token HT
8:06 Shout out to Clintex
9:05 FTX token FTT
12:06 UNUS SED LEO by Bitfinex
14:19 OKB Coin by OKEx
15:16 Which ones should you buy?


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