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TLM PRICE PREDICTION [ when the AltSeason? ]

In this video we will check BTC and TLM price charts. Its too early celebrate reversal move on Bitcoins, and watch this video till the end. because my Red scenario still in play, but TLM definitely will break 1 or even 2 dollars by end of this bullrun
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In this video we will also look at the following indicators and metrics on πŸ”₯ :
– MACD Indicator on TLM chart
– Check Fibonacci Retracement TLMchart
– Potential forming patterns on TLM chart
– Potential good enter or exit points on TLM
– Local and global price targets for TLM Coin

Disclaimer: Please be aware of the risks involved in trading. This video was made for educational purposes only not for financial Investment Purposes.

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