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Thoughts on Wonderland's Sushiswap Takeover Proposal

Rekt news Sushi scandal:
Dani’s Proposal:


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0:00 Intro
1:18 Backstory 1: Trader Joe vs Wonderland Drama
6:15 Backstory 2: Sushiswap Scandal
11:08 Daniele Steps In
12:20 Diving into the Proposal
14:15 Redirecting the Sushi Vision
15:20 Problem with Sushi DEX & Tokenomics
17:03 Frog Nation’s Proposal
19:25 Deprecating xSUSHI
20:35 The Bold Vision
22:28 Thoughts on Token Value Accrual
24:45 Thoughts on Dani Hate
28:00 Summary & Final Thoughts
30:25 Can Sushi flip Incumbents? (Trader Joe, Spookyswap, etc)

The goal of this channel is to think about crypto in a different way. Contrary to popular belief, crypto doesn’t have to be, “Buy and hope it goes up.” Through DeFi, there are so many ways to earn high & safe yields on your assets, which is a total game changer in terms of portfolio construction.

Yield farming is not a “get rich quick scheme,” but rather a “slow grind to more wealth” strategy. And I argue that USING DeFi is the best way to LEARN DeFi, which will present natural alpha for you in the future. I am not an ecosystem maxi, but a yield maxi. If an ecosystem presents a good risk-adjusted yield, I will be there. Subscribe to follow my journey!

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