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The ultimate guide to yield farming on Fantom!

The ultimate guide to yield farming on Fantom!

In this video I bridge USDC from Binance Smart Chain to Fantom using Evo Defi bridge. I then purchase FTM off of Sushiswap and bridge it from Ethereum to Fantom Opera using

I show you how to add a token to metamask and navigate the various block explorers to watch your transactions.

I also provide liquidity and explain yield farming at Spirit Swap (ZAP) and Spooky Swap (and explain why Iā€™m so freaking bullish on them both).

We discuss impermanent loss and the risks of providing liquidity as well as strategies for farming and why tokens devalue prior to introducing utility. All of the links that I use in the video are provided below for reference.

Links from the video:

Evo Defi Bridge:
Multichain bridge (FTM):
Multichain FTM Account:
Impermanent Loss Calculator:
Spirit Swap:
BSC Scan:
Fantom Scan:
Ether Scan:
How to setup Metamask for Fantom:

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