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The Real Reason Coinbase Stock is Skyrocketing (My Bull Thesis)

In this video, I explain why $COIN stock is going up and why I continue to buy the dip on this company despite the bankruptcy headlines. Make sure to drop me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video! 👍

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-Stock Market Strategies That Work by Jake Bernstein

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an investment advisory, and should not be used to make investment decisions. Commentary provided on this channel should only be considered for informational purposes. Please be aware when trading stocks, options and futures you can suffer a loss greater than your total account balance. Manage your risk accordingly and do your own due diligence before investing!

0:00 Blackrock’s Massive Entry into Crypto
2:00 Why I’m Betting On A Crypto Recovery
4:30 Let’s Talk About Cathie Wood
6:30 Why Risk Assets Are Going Insane

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