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The J Kills – AR Nightmares – #NFT Song . #Veve #Virtua #wax #Recur #Opensea and more.

Music Production and lyrics by Jay Kill and Mrs Jay Kill
Beat by EEFSBEATZ hit him up to customize and purchase a beat .
Mrs Jay Kill Lyrics: I just fell asleep with The Necronomicon..It musta been that last hit, cause now I’m Sleep-Spawnin, When it comes to NFTS we gotta latta Jawns.. =( BIG BAGS ) From 187 Death to Doctor Octagon. got that Dynamite on Matic Polygon.. Vampirella #1 Seduction of the Innocent.Shrikethorn Mega Roaring at the Atlas Destroyer. Cave Creature seeking prey.. Red Sonja can’t ignore her. She’s ready for battle. Mega Kaiju sittin idle. Mechagodzilla Titan Scan with the heavy metal. Secret Rare Storm I betta back pedal. Her lightning bolts crashing got me feeling unsettled. It’s not incidental Stacking Sets Multi Level. because we know it’s FUN damental.that’s why our DREAMS ARE Monumental. HIM is the Devil that haunts me in my DREAMS..Power Puff Girls runnin don’t cha hear their screams? Someone wake me up this is Way too Extreme..Beam me up Scotty with that transporter machine.. Beam me aboard.. My Molecules are Mixing.. Rotatin.. Percolatin atoms are splitin.. My Body’s Liftin Up and Relocatin.. Onto the Enterprise Galaxy Explorer.. I feel a lil dazed but it’s not a sleep disorder.. it’s the force Beams and Gamma Rays from the Teleporter.. I will Live Long and Prosper cause Bones McCoy is my doctor.. Convulsing Vulcans with Dragonberry Fire (fire up).. Vaporizin volcanoes and NFT Joints he requires.. Borge Cube Interstellar Combat Vessel.. In the Delta Quadrant its sitting there nestled.. Me and Spock telepathic on a Higher Level.. Blazin Romulawn it’s so transcendental.. Captain Kirk we need warp speed, it’ll take 3 minutes..Galaxies away from Killy city limits..Now we’re headed to the planet Draculon.. Vampirella and Dracula what else could go wrong? Rivers of Blood so much to feed on.. a planet filled with Vampires.. I’m calling Captain Proton.. the droughts on the way and their about to set upon.. their staring at me hungry and lookin withdrawn.. activate Death Ray.. Megatron.. Black Swan.. no more Twin Suns onto the Next Mission.. (the Next Mission).. We have so many Grails in Our Collection We’ll be setting sails Sun Lights Reflectin.. Off the flat plain of Level Water No Misconceptions.. The Moons Fallin on me but not because of Gravity.. It’s a Mega Structure and you know I got that NFT.. it came from A.M.C. – A I destroyed it’s Anatomy.. They said it in the Movie but The TRUTH is.. it’s REALITY.. They had it Ringing like a Bell but you know it wasn’t LIBERTY.. I think these AR NIGHTMARES are trying to tell me Something’s Coming Soon to this vicinity.. close proximity.. R2D2 Space Droid.. we got him in captivity.. C3PO.. he’s in my periphery.. we got em so cheap it musta been a robbery.. Walt and Mickey partners too.. got you thinkin it was Witchery.. but logically we got it on the Marketplace Responsibly.. we got our degree in YouTubeology.. We did so much research it’s like we hit the lottery and now we’re about to build a Castle because of our Ideology.. Curiosity has obviously gotten the best of me and now I’m Manifesting Our Dreams Into Reality. this Technology don’t bother me unless AI awakes diabolically and destroys all who live with human biology we watch a lot of movies but you know they ain’t comedies.. Me and Jay Kill with the Psychological know we’re going fartha..cause we have that good karma.. and don’t bring the drama.. you can save that for your momma.. THE KILL’S wake up.. Win Drops.. Wearing Our Pajamas. and yes we have the Physicals.. we match em with our Digitals..Mintable, Transmittable, Blockchain Medicinals.Our vaults Heavy with the Visuals.. but sometimes acting unpredictable.. Season One Originals that leave you lookin Whimsical.. First Mint Mythicals ..a Recur Pass is critical.. Our Bags are Non Political Sellin Low that’s Despicable! I’ll Take it from your weak hands like a criminal! I unite with St Expedite.. and hold my broom tight.. Candle Lights Ignite under Full Moonlight.. Using LAW OF ATTRACTION.. It’s In My Eyesight.Magick Man By My Side .it’s almost midnight. see a Ripped Batman.. and he’s all in Black and White. and Hell Raiser.. with his Cenobites? Superman tryin to fly but there’s too much Kryptonite.. Black Smorkin Labit in his back he has a knife. I hear the call of Cthulhu Hoodoo Voodoo tonight. No Need For Stage Fright.. I got the torch light.. and I think I Know A Way Out of these Terabytes.I’ll take the Red Pill to feed the Matrix appetite and When the Bell chimes I’ll be in my bed tight.. it was just an AR NIGHTMARE..Now Everything Is Alright.. We’re THE KILL’S..we told ya before.. ALL BOATS FLOAT Now We’re Sailin Offshore.. We’re Sailin Offshore.Till we hit the Dome Door.We Brought the C4.. now We’re About To Explore.. These AR Nightmares got the Best Of Me . My NFTs are acting recklessly .they lookin at me sketchy.. It’s like a Horror house Amity
(OUT Of Room for Jay)


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