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The coming Solana NFT bull run (get ready)

The Solana NFT market has evolved a lot in the last 6 months, and the stage is set for another bull run.

In this video I go over all the latest developments in the Solana NFT market and why more collectors need to be paying attention to what’s happening there.

Specifically I talk about the rise of Magic Eden, the Phantom mobile wallet launch, the growing number of data tools and the increase in solid creators coming to the chain, especially in the gaming space.

I also talk about my own strategy on Solana as well as some NFTs I recently purchased.

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0:00 start here
0:36 this has been coming for a long time
1:34 being too early on Solana
3:36 the rise of magic eden
4:29 Phantom’s mobile wallet will be big
4:57 great new Solana data tools
6:13 key strategies on Solana
10:10 NFT #1
11:43 NFT#2 and Solana gaming

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nyan heroes:


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