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SantaClaus, NFT News generated by AI completely. #AI #NFT #funny #Opensea #ETH #nftsharing

Merry Christmas with Santa Claus On The Way!, #AI #NFT #funny #Opensea #ETH #nftsharing, NFT News completely generated by AI.

SantaClaus is a collection of 5,000 unique NFTs, which are permanently fixed on Ethereum Blockchain. A bunch of bearded Santa Claus are on their way, are you ready!

In near future, the rwaNFT connected to this collection will be launched. We hope all of holders have funs with them.

Before purchasing this NFT, please read carefully the Terms Of Service and the Terms & Conditions specific to this NFT. This explains all your rights and any restrictions. Welcome to visit:

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We startup NFT collections to bring you health, wealth and happiness.
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