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Podcast Elrond Ep. 10 | EGLD Climbing Ranks! ETH bridge, MEX, Global Adoption, NFTs, Town Hall, Luna

What is going on Elrond fam! If you’re new to Elrond Network and the incredible ecosystem and community developing here, WELCOME! 🍻

Coming at you full of energy and excitement, Alec and Stephen are proud to bring to you our TENTH episode of the Podcast! The more time goes on, it seems we’re only running into more and more things that demand attention as the Elrond Network ecosystem grows, flourishes – and thrives!

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– What happened with Terra Luna: articles

The price may be down from all time highs, but check out this recent thread by Stephen, @the_economystic, to learn WHY Elrond is both immensely valuable and is being demanded by many! β†’

Episode ten is officially our longest episode to-date, and I gotta say, time absolutely flew by in this chat!

Join Alec and Stephen as they get into it! ☞ Stock market + recession talk, Maiar DEX and risk management, Terra Luna fiasco, TOWN HALL RETURNS! πŸ™Œ, MEX economic upgrade, ETH bridge is JUST around the corner!! – CEO Beniamin Mincu getting aggressive and making claims, Elrond Network adoption, compliance and regulation in United States, New Launch Pad project around the corner, ZOIDPAY pushing in 2022, Ride fundamentals and shortcomings and a chat all about NFT’s: what they are and what NFT adoption could look like as $EGLD is adopted by the next ONE BILLION. 🌎

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What a revolution, and how exciting it is to have this opportunity to participate. We cannot say enough thanks to all the hours the Elrond team has put into this project. It is an honor to support you.
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