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OpenSea is the biggest and most dominant NFT marketplace out there. Any way you slice it, Opensea is destroying its competitors on the metrics that matter. And arguably, the NFT boom would have never happened without them. But with all that in mind, why am I predicting their inevitable demise in the next few years? Well in this video I explain my thesis which really spans from 3 arguments – Lack of Moat, Tarnished Reputation, and History of Unbundling! Give it a watch and let me know if you agree or disagree with my thesis!

Check out Oasis, a privacy-focused Layer 1:
Devs go check out the Bloom Hackathon:

Natasha Kim’s Unbundling article:

0:00 Their Backstory
1:12 Early Struggles
2:30 #1 Lack of Moat
5:42 Oasis Protocol shout out
6:49 #2 Unhappy Community
9:11 #3 Unbundling Pressures

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