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OpenSea Bot | NFT Trading Bot 2022 | Fast Buy | Sell NFT software | NFT Bot | OpenSea bidding

This is OpenSea Bot auto NFT Trading Bot.

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Our official site:
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( ・・)つ🔶What this bot can do🔶:
➖ Automatic listing of your NFTs for sale (applicable for collection creators)
➖ Submission of offers to purchase NFT at a certain price (which you specify) or for -10% of the NFT listing amount (you can specify the percentage of the listing amount yourself)
➖ Automatic closing of all offers you accepted for the purchase of NFT (at the highest cost)
➖ Simple installation with a choice of language inside the bot.
➖ Security – you do not need to enter the private key into the bot, the bot trades together with the Metamask.
➖ Ability to choose any interface language from 11 presented.
➖ Take profit and stop loss are set automatically.
➖ Ability to set notifications in Discord or Telegram.
➖ Can run on VPS (virtual machine).
➖ Registration (login – password) after installation.(you can not connect your wallet to any site or program (fund security))
➖ Select the old or new version of the interface.
➖ Free use, within 21 days from the moment of installation, there are no conditions for using the bot.
➖ Have an error log file to track in the bot folder.
➖ From 02.02.2022 Bot supports Klaikas wallet
03/03/2022 we will make a Bot for trading NFT based on SOL wallet supported phantom wallet will be traded on this platform and this

You can configure the bot by complying with the instruction in the .txt file.

The trading bot runs on the following 64-bit operating systems: Linux/Windows (64bit)

Configuring the bot for the Opensea trading exchange is provided on the video.


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