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New Play To Earn Crypto Game with a Token!

A new crypto game that lets you monetize your data using play to earn rewards. Synesis One, a new play-to-earn game powered by Solana (SOL), pays its users to play a video game that generates AI training data. Synesis One also has its own token, $SNS, NFT Marketplace, and DAO. Subscribe to VoskCoin –

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Synesis One’s play-to-earn game, Quantum Noesis, is marketed as the world’s first NFT-Based Graphic Novel Game. Synesis One offers a variety of data yield farming options where users are rewarded for sharing knowledge. Their smart contracts on Version 1 (V1) is based on the Solana Blockchain (SOL), but Synesis plans to move to a cross-chain environment in the future to support further functionality. Synesis also has their own NFT Marketplace, Kanon Exchange, that supports Solana-based NFTs. In order to be eligible, users have to stake their governance token, $SNS, or their NFT, Kanon. Staking is locked up for 3 weeks and users can earn up to 30% APR by staking on the platform. Let’s review Synesis One!

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00:00 Monetize your gaming and earn money?
01:06 Video games can improve AI?
02:52 What is the Synesis One project?
04:28 How to buy SNS token?
08:09 Stake your SNS token
08:43 Functionalities of Synesis One project
09:55 NFT platform from Synesis One
11:10 Play To Earn game by Synesis One
11:54 Features of Synesis One project
13:56 Techy and invitational? (edited)

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