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NEAR / AURORA: 2022 Ecosystem Overview

DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice, and all content is for entertainment purposes only. Always do your own research and determine your own appropriate level of risk. All crypto investments carry extreme risk and potential loss of all invested funds. Only invest as much as you can afford to 100% loose.

A deep dive look into some of the exciting NEAR / AURORA Defi Apps, wallets, DEXs and more. Please see the following timestamps below for specific subjects:

Near Web Wallet 0:24
Sender Wallet 1:06
NEAR Explorer 1:47
Aurorascan 2:02

Trisolaris 2:15
AuroraSwap 2:38
WannaSwap 3:06

Rainbow Bridge 3:24
Rubic 4:08
AllBridge 4:53

Polaris Finance 5:52 7:35
VaporWave 10:14
Metapool 11:50
NEARPad 13:07
Skyward 13:38
Aurigami 14:44
Oin 15:53
Killswitch 16:20

NEAR Core 16:50 17:28

NEAR Insiders 19:35
Nearians 20:20
Awesome NEAR 20:45
NEAR University 21:32
NEAR News 22:11


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