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My Farms for the Next Week on Matic/Polygon and Terra (Luna)

In this video I cover the farms I’ll be in for the next week (Curve and DFYN) as well as foreshadowing my future moves on the Terra/Luna ecosystem. Sorry for the background noise (audio).

0:00 Intro
0:31 Humble Farmer on Vacation
1:03 Bye-bye AAVE
1:21 WBTC on Curve
2:45 Stablecoins on DFYN
4:35 Fantom Curve is Also Good
5:23 Don’t Sleep on the Terra Ecosystem
5:46 Anchor Protocol
7:01 Mirror Protocol
9:05 Bullish $LUNA

Three Asset Pool Impermanent Loss Calculator:

The goal of this channel is to look at crypto projects differently, more from a fundamental and data-driven point of view. I love catching pumps, but understanding WHAT a project does and WHY it’s important allows me to have stronger conviction on the names I own. None of this is financial or investment advice.

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