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Mobox NFT | Mobox NFT How To Earn | Mobox Game

Mobox NFT | Mobox NFT How To Earn | Mobox Game

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Welcome to our Mobox NFT video!

What is Mobox
Mobox, and its native token MBOX, make a bundle for a brawler-type metaverse game. The game’s structure also includes an NFT marketplace that builds the content of the MOMOverse world. Additionally, the game includes a yield farming mechanism, allowing for additional income by providing liquidity to MBOX decentralized trading pairs.

Just like other token-based games, Mobox has built-in governance through owning and locking the MBOX token. Governance sets seasonal changes to the game and the earnings structure.

Mobox is the typical fully crypto-driven game, a difference from projects that start out as another play to earn offering, while also adding limited NFT capabilities. Mobox has a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem, with presence on Binance, as well as decentralized pairs on PancakeSwap and ApeSwap.

Who is Behind Mobox
The Mobox project looks highly active in terms of communication, game upgrades and marketing efforts. The funding for the game partially came from Binance Labs, which provided the seed financing for the game.

What Makes Mobox Unique
Mobox is a family of games that puts cryptocurrency first. Beyond the MOMOverse and character creation tools, Mobox relies on a solid tokenomics principle, with regular MBOX burns.

Mobox also keeps a Binance Coin (BNB) treasury and can adjust the price of MBOX through a smart contract, if its price on decentralized pairs falls below the 72-hour average. The total supply of MBOX of 1B tokens will also decrease in a series of planned weekly burns.

How to Make Money with Mobox
The flagship game, Block Brawler, is an evolving competition that will add daily mission-based rewards. The Mobox ecosystem also offers gamified staking of BNB or MBOX. The NFT Farmer game also allows locking in MBOX as veMBOX, to receive weekly prize draws.

The MOMO Farmer game requires MBOX or another compatible asset, which is staked into β€œcrates” and accrues rewards and NFT drops. What is unique about Mobox is that the tokenomics model allows for locking up valuable NFTs to earn extra rewards.

MBOX and BNB can also be staked on SushiSwap and ApeSwap. As of December 2021, MBOX had the sixth largest level of rewards among Binance Smart Chain tokens, signaling significant interest in a rewarding project.

Accessing MBOX is possible through MetaMask, Binance Wallet and other BSC-compatible wallets. To access the game, some MBOX or BNB or BUSD tokens may be needed. Mobox requires a linked wallet and a Mobox account creation. All tokens can be acquired or swapped inside wallets, or through Changelly direct purchase.


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