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Make FREE NFT without paying GAS FEE | ERC-1155 vs ERC-721

This is how you can mint and create an NFT without paying gas fees and completely for free on Opensea. How to create NFT (Non Fungible Token) digital art? What’s the difference between ERC-1155 and ERC-721? Creating free NFT on Opensea and selling it. This is the 2nd episode on the series of creating The Stripes NFT by Ali Solanki.

This is the easiest way to mint an NFT and create NFT. You can buy and sell NFTs after creation or transfer NFTs from one wallet to another. The 2 major ways of creating an NFT are through ERC1155 tokens and ERC721 tokens. Know the difference between ERC1155 and ERC721.

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00:00 Creating NFT
04:10 ERC1155 vs ERC721

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