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Learn Crypto Words (Emission)

Learn Crypto Words (Emission)

Learn Crypto Words, Acronyms, & Abbreviations with #CryptoSToN3R1 Today’s Word is EMISSION Thanks For Watching. Till Next Time, Good Day!

What is #EMISSION:
#Emission refers to how quickly New #CryptoCurrencies are released.

Emission aren’t guaranteed to continue forever, and in #Bitcoin’s case, The last – ever #BTC will be mined in #2140 because it has a maximum supply of #21Million and a set schedule for release.

Also Note:
Emission refers to the rate of creation and release of cryptocurrencies. This can be through the mining process, or as a result of an #ICO or airdrop. The emission rate is dependent on the economic model of the cryptocurrency, specifically whether it is inflationary or deflationary.

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