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Kevin O'Leary Price Prediction On Shiba Inu Coin To $0.2

Kevin O’Leary Price Prediction On Shiba Inu Coin To $0.2
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The famous crypto advocate Kevin O’Leary revealed something special about Shiba Inu. The competent dev team and dedicated SHIB community are the true powers of Shiba Inu Coin. Shiba Inu is the coin of the day and the most purchased token among Ethereum whales. Shiba Inu surpassed a new milestone for SHIB holders. Vitamin SHIB is there for your better health. Stay tuned for details and more Shibby news.
Kevin O’Leary has a strong background as a software investor, and he always uses his software experience while making any financial decision. Before talking about what he revealed in his recent interview that will skyrocket Shiba Inu’s price very soon, let us tell you how he has been active in cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
You might know that Kevin O’Leary was once a strong crypto skeptic, but later, he turned into a cryptocurrency advocate and his opinion has a valid worth about cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview, Kevin said, β€œIn individual tokens and chains, I’ve got 33 different positions β€” a wide range of diversity. You know, I look at this the same way I look at managing an equity portfolio. Nevermore than 5% in any one name, never more than 20% in any one sector. That mandate means that I can go up to 20% in crypto. Right now, I’m just over 10%, about 10.7%.”
If you look at his cryptocurrency portfolio, you will find a diversified collection of cryptocurrencies as he believes that it is a solution to volatility. In an interview, he justified his portfolio and said, β€œI’m an investor in Polygon …. what they decided to do is to try and reduce the cost by sitting on top of Ethereum and aggregating transactions so the gas fees are a fraction of what they would be if you’re doing one at a time, and I thought that was a brilliant strategy and I made an investment in Polygon. The same with Solana, the same with Ethereum, the same with Hbar.”
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