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KCS Kucoin Token | Free Crypto | Kucoin Bonus πŸ’°

KCS aka Kucoin Token is the native coin of Kucoin which is one of the better up & coming exchanges available! By holding KCS we receive daily bonuses of cryptocurrency.
Kucoin makes this possible by taking 50% of the fees collected on the platform and redistributing them as dividends to anyone holding the minimum amount!
This makes for an excellent source of passive income. It is believed by many that KCS has the potential to go moon status on us as the platform grows! Currently with it being worth only $8.00 the sky is the limit. (Update: It’s now worth $12)
Please enjoy this in depth walk through on how you can get your piece of the pie! Instructions & links below

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Disclaimer – I am not a financial adviser! There maybe many other better ways to accomplish what I do. This is just how I do it! Copy my actions at your own discretion. I am not responsible for your actions.

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Step #1
πŸ‘‡Setup your Kucoin account here πŸ‘‡

Step #2
Once Kucoin is setup check to see if it’s cheaper to purchase KCS direct via credit/debit card or if it will be cheaper to purchase Tether to trade for KCS
(If you purchased KCS directly you are done! Otherwise continue below)

Step #3
Once you receive your Tether move it from your main account to your trading account

Step #4
Open the spot trading platform & select the KCS/USDT trading pair

Step #5
Click on Market, input the amount of Tether you want to trade for KCS & then click on “Buy KCS”
(Must be a minimum of 6 KCS tokens to receive free crypto)

Step #6
Once your order is complete move your KCS tokens from your trading account to your main account

Step #7
Congrats! you are now holding the required amount of KCS to receive the Kucoin bonus! To check on your daily earnings click on “My Bonus” then “Kucoin Bonus”

SIDE NOTE – For users who have trouble using the credit card platform you could alternatively use the Voyager app to Purchase Tether, Ethereum or Bitcoin & send it to your Kucoin wallet. you will receive $25 in free bitcoin after you trade your first $100 with this link
If the link is not working just use referral code SER137

PS – If you have made it this far and are having trouble or just want to talk with myself & other crypto nerds please go back up towards the top and join our discord. We can help you easier in there!

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