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ioPay Tutorial

ioPay is the official wallet for the IoTeX Network – you can use it to interact with the IoTeX blockchain to send/receive IOTX + XRC20 tokens, sign transactions, execute smart contracts, stake/vote for Delegates, interact with applications, and much more. With ioPay, your public/private keys and cryptocurrency are safe and accessible so you can transparently manage your tokens and data.

▪️ ioPay:
▪️ Staking with ioPay:
▪️ ioTube:
▪️ mimo DEX:
▪️ Cyclone:
▪️ Ecosystem:
▪️ Community Forum:
▪️ Onboarding Pack:

00:00 Download ioPay
0:17 Login to ioPay
0:56 Wallet Settings
1:37 Transfer Tokens
1:58 Staking/Voting
2:02 Create Bucket
3:07 Create Burn-Drop Bucket
3:30 Change Delegate
3:43 Restake
3:55 Turn on/off Auto-Stake
4:09 Add Stake to Existing Bucket
4:26 Unstake
4:55 Withdraw
5:11 Compound Interest Bucket
5:29 Reassign Bucket
6:14 Claim VITA
6:32 Swap on Mimo DEX
7:24 Pool on Mimo DEX
8:49 Cyclone Anonymity Mining. How to Deposit/Withdraw
10:29 Cyclone Liquidity Mining
13:02 ioTube
14:00 Ecosystem Page
14:38 Community Forum
15:22 Onboarding Pack

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