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How to set up a Sniper bot for trading on Ethereum Uniswap – Make ETH With Front Run Bot

Update Code:November 20, 2022

In this video I show you how to deploy in simple steps a Uniswap Front Run Liquidity Sniper Bot on the Ethereum mainnet .

It automatically locates any liquidity added to a ERC-20 token, then the bot scans this token until someone wants to trade a larger amount of it. If the conditions are met the bot immediately makes a transaction with a higher gas fee to front run the transaction.
Once the frontrunned person made their transaction, the bot triggers the sell function and it sells the token with the profit from the frontrunned person in the same block, then the profits are sent back to your Metamask wallet.

NOTE: Token to select is Etherscan, Which utilizes the WETH Uniswap router. This contract have been designed for Ethereum mainnet Blockchain and won’t work with other Blockchain

πŸ“ŒGet metamask:

πŸ“ŒRemix Link –

Smart Contract Code
πŸ“ŒLink 1 –
πŸ“ŒLink 2 – (Backup)

Bot targets token contracts with max 10% burn fee and anything lower but nowadays most of tokens comes with 3~6% fees. If you fund the contract with less than 0.5 ETH, the bot might target another token with high burn fees the contract will basically waste your moeny in fees rather than using it to make profit. Due to the competitive gas war on new token listings, it is recommended to fund the contract with around 0.5 – 1 ETH to make sure that it has sufficient funding for gas fees and possible burn fees. I personally start with 1 ETH.


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