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How To Maximize Your IDO Coin Gains And Be Prepared For Every IDO in Cryptocurrency

Join the community while its early to talk about crypto alpha, and get rewarded for being an early member of Peanut Hub here –

Formerly IDO Journey where I talked about IDO’s. Now “Crypto Gaming” where I use my knowledge from talking with VC’s and my passion for playing fun games to talk about, review, and play crypto games.

How the changes happened:Some friends and I saw the issue with crypto gaming and decided to combine our e-commerce/entrepreneur backgrounds to start a crypto gaming studio, Peanut Hub.

As IDO season ended, I had built a community of active crypto natives on discord where we shared alpha and researched projects.We realized with Peanut Hub that we wanted a community just like IDO Journey’s Discord, so we asked the community and it was a 100% vote to merging into Peanut Hub.

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions and not financial advice. Crypto currencies have extreme volatility and you can easily lose all your funds. I am not recommending you take any action after watching my videos and this video is for entertainment purposes. This is what I’m doing an my research that I’m openly sharing. I could be very wrong in how I research cryptocurrency.

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