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How To Get Every Airdrop On Solana | Crypto Airdrops

In this video I cover a large list of protocols that I think might have an airdrop for early users. The criteria for this list includes being live on mainnet and not having a token currently. Its definitely worth your time to try out all of these protocols, you only need one to do an airdrop for it to be worth your time.

We have seen massive airdrops in the past such as Uniswap and dYdX. So it makes sense to just use everything you can in order to get an airdrop. It is literally free money.

Please note that they aren’t confirmed to have an airdrop, but I’m guessing they might.

Solens –
Everlend Finance –
BridgeSplit –
Otter Cash –
Coherence Finance –
Wormhole –
Zeta Markets –
Jupiter Aggregator –
Francium –
Atrix –
Delta One –
Quarry –
Swim Protocol –
Juiced Finance –
Friktion –
Katana –
01exchange –
Goblin Gold –
Soda Protocol –

Other projects to try for an airdrop:

This video is purely educational and not financial advice what so ever. Do your own research and ape responsibly. SERIOUSLY DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I am not responsible for your finances.

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