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How Crypto Pump and Dumps Actually Work (Solana, Terra Luna)

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In this video, I discuss how the Solana and Terra/Luna pump and dumps worked. Insiders and VC’s received large initial token allocations, and then went on CNBC and other places to pump the coin while they were secretly selling it.

Remember how this works the next time you get a sales pitch for a shiny new coin “that is better than Bitcoin.”

And never forget the people who pumped Solana, Terra Luna, XRP, etc.

Always research a coin before buying it. Verify, do not trust.

Bitcoin is a pristine asset for the ages. It is not a pump and dump.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

Initial token allocations:

Solana Billionaire VC’s Are Laughing At You:

Pantera Capital:

Pantera dumps its Terra Luna:

While pumping it on CNBC:

Did Do Kwon know that the end was near?

Raoul Pal promoting Do Kwon:

Raoul Pal promoting Terra Luna:

Popular press pumping Terra Luna:

Remi Tetot drank a little too much of his own medicine:

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