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Floki Inu Shit Coin. This has to stop!

Hey legends! Floki Inu coin is all the rage now and I just can’t take it. In this video, I explore how the Floki Inu crypto coin project looks like and I also break down why this Floki Inu and other shit coins have to stop.
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0:00 Introduction

00:13 Floki Inu coin explained – I provide the breakdown of Floki Inu coin based on their whitepaper, its fee taxation structure, and some of the use cases mentioned by them.

02:50 What’s so compelling – I highlight several points that make this Floki Inu coin seem compelling but in reality, it would hurt us the investors more than you think.

04:38 My final thoughts – I highlight some latest news from the UK advertising authority towards Floki Inu’s shady marketing tactics and my closing thoughts on it.

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