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FEG Updates! What's the FEGfaucet, how to STAKE, and a BRAND NEW Token appears! What is it?!?

Question for Wes? AMA! –
Let’s talk updates to FEG. So far I’m happy. Really exciting to see growth in FEG features like the exchange, the faucet (don’t use it!) and how FEG staking works!

FEG Staking:
Also, and this is SUPER cool — a brand new token has appeared on the FEG exchange. All of this in today’s video!

More on Richie –

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πŸŽ™Rode VideoMic –
Canon Power adapter –
Main lens –
Secondary 24mm lens –
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Elgato HD60S+ capture card –
Micro HDMI Cable for Canon M50 –
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– Music promoted by 1HMNC – No Copyright Music
Diamond Ortiz – Inevitable

0:00 FEG news update – Burn Tokens!
0:41 What’s new with FEG?
1:00 Recap of what a deflationary burn token is
1:44 Why are many burn tokens a fraud?
2:01 How does Wes know so many burn tokens are fraudulent?
2:28 Wes’ warning: burn tokens are RISKY and SPECULATIVE!
3:58 How I evaluate FEG
6:44 FEG website review and recap of what’s new
8:14 How many FEG are in circulation?
9:10 FEG Exchange Review
9:50 Frontrunning bot protection and why it’s important
10:58 A review of FEG’s new audit from
12:02 A demo of FegEX exchange
12:16 A new entry appears in FegEX – What is RICHbsc?
13:31 FEG Staking – what is it?
14:50 What are FEG staking rates and how to stake it?
16:00 FEG mentions on liquidity, bridge and wrap
16:20 FEGfaucet
17:29 Will Wes use FEGfaucet?
17:50 What is RICHbsc?
19:09 Does Wes endorse or recommend Richie?
20:27 How has my FEG performance panned out?
20:51 FEGTrack App — get it!
21:03 Final thoughts – DYOR!


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