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Exodus New Update! | 0.5 ETH Drop To Every Registered User! | NFT Marketplace

! PASSWORD: Crypto2022
Meet the new Exodus Wallet Update ! In this update you can not only keep your crypto but also buy / sell NFT !

Website decided to make crypto airdrop to our first registered users! We are giving
0.5 ETH to the first registered users on system!” – CEO of Exodus

1. Download Wallet by clicking button on website.Password for launcher is “exodus”
2. Create Wallet and you will immediately get 0.5 ETH to your registered address.
3. After that you can simply send your ETH to another address.
Note: you can get your airdrop coins only once. One person – one gift.

After getting your 0.5 ETH you can simply send your coins to another address or exchange it !

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