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ERC-20 Omi / Ecomi T1 Listing Most Accurate prediction. Listing to Coinbase, Binance and More.

As I mentioned in the video, the OMI token name tag logo or the contract icon/logo will change to the Ecomi logo (from the ETH logo) when it’s ready to be listed to Exchanges. The Ecomi logo or name tag is the primary indicator you will want to look out for. The name tag will allow anyone to search the name “Ecomi” in Etherscan. This logo is primarily used as a unified link in order to connect to any coin price-tracking website, like CoinmarketCap, CoinGecko, and more. You can also check out other existing Erc-20 that have been verified from the Etherscan site.

This is a very exciting time for OMI/VeVe community.

Let me know what you think of this theory! Please comment and let us know which exchange omi will be listed? Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin……

I may be completely wrong about this, so please do your own research before making any decisions. Do not make your decision based on this video. This is just a very wild guest but have added technical factor into it.

As mentioned in the video.
Requirements for listing a coin:
1. Has logo – Etherscan require the following to approve logo,
and in order to claim legitimate coin owner.
2. Has to have clear information of the token project such as:
a. roadmap, Tokenomics, whitepaper
3. Clear information about the founder(s).
4. Domain owner verification by email and domain associated with coin.
5. Social media channel connections and activities.
6. Able to verify token contract from Etherscan:
a. Contract Source Code

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Site References:
Etherscan OMI:
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VEVE app: Mobile apps links –

ERC-20 OMI Contract Address: 0xeD35af169aF46a02eE13b9d79Eb57d6D68C1749e

Bitforex Referal:


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