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Create an NFT on the Polygon / Matic network

Create an NFT on the Polygon/Matic network

Today I will be showing you how to mint/create an NFT on the Polygon/Matic network with little gas fees. HashLips NFT is a project that will support NFT artists as HashLips gets sold. So check it out and be part of something special.




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Buy Matic:
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Opensea Matic network:
Arkane network:

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HashlLips are digital artworks created by a mixture of art and generative code. Each HashlLip is unique and has information imprinted on the artwork itself, like generation codes and dates. These creations are all rare and unique, so owning one is quite special. For the Lips series, I took different Pop colors, Patterns and had the code mix them up into new Lip artworks. The programming and art were done by me, Daniel Eugene Botha, I also make use of images found on the internet for patterns.

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