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Cardano ADA News Updates – 20th May 2022

Cardano news update and news from the ecosystem.

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:24 Essential Cardano

0:01:02 BlueShift & Symbiosis

0:01:23 Symbiosis

0:01:45 Djed on Milkomeda

0:02:36 DefiYield App

0:04:12 CardaShift Launchpad

0:05:09 Meld Akamon Bridge

0:06:03 Genius X and MLabs

0:07:06 AStarter ISPO

0:08:24 NuNet Funding

0:09:51 Project Catalyst Fund 8 Results

0:11:21 Flickto

0:13:19 Flickto Market Price

0:16:00 Outro

*** None of the information on this episode is to be considered as financial advice. All conversations and opinions are that of the guests and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky.

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