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Blockchain Games | Metalands NFT | Metalands NFT Game

Blockchain Games | Metalands NFT | Metalands NFT Game

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Welcome to Our Blockchain Games Video!

A competitive shooter game with blockchain integration

Innovation Progressive Deathmatch combination of team deathmatch and battle Royale gameplay

Play, Collect & Build
Shooter Game with Management System
An action-packed shooter game that enables players to collect resources from gameplay, build their bunker from scratch and manage content from within their bunker.

Resources are earned in the form of mystical objects which are then exchanged for chests containing different items.

Central Hub
Bunker management ecosystem with monetization feature.
Bunker is a virtual environment which acts as a central hub for players to deploy game modes, purchase items, create alliances, and craft new items. Develop your bunker with artwork, minigames, in-bunker items and many other forms of content with monetization features.

Blockchain Enabled
Player-owned Ecocomy
Shooter game entirely backed by blockchain for a complete player owned economy. All weapons, in-bunker items, weapon skins, character outfits, and other airdropped items, are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which can be withdrawn, staked, gifted and traded on the secondary marketplace. NFTs can also be used as collateral on decentralized finance protocol.

Play. Earn. Repeat
An action-packed gameplay with earning mechanism
Earn loot, blueprints, crafting fuels and in-game currencies while engaging in multiplayer and single player game modes.

Sell crafted items to other players or use them to enhance your gaming experience.

Together they stand
Shooter game with strategy based alliances
Build Alliances with other players, help one another grow in rank, resources, crafting speed and strength.

Through team work, you can be unstoppable but watch out for other alliances.

Ready to Play?
Download Metalands Launcher
A blockchain-enabled application that enables players to run Metalands and update their game easily for new content without the need to download the game all over again.


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