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Bitcoin – How Whales Are Stacking while the world is in FEAR

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 Whales Are Stacking Like Mad
01:20 Binance Buys 43,000 BTC at $46,553.68
01:43 3rd Largest Whale Keeps Buying the Dip
02:20 Bitcoin Illiquid Supply – something strange going on
03:27 Top Topics on Social Crypto Channels
04:07 Extreme Fear
04:47 Fear at 15 = Historical Buy Zone
05:19 Bitcoin May Gain Upper Hand vs. Stocks in 2022
06:30 Bitcoin Risk-Off Update
07:27 Bitcoin Equity Correlation
08:16 Bitcoin Cycles and Volatility – RationalRoot
09:28 TechDev Ranges
10:22 Mike Novogratz Walked Back his $42K Floor
12:21 Bitcoin Hashrate and Price – $30K the new $3K – the 10x cycles
14:00 Bitcoin Dominance – Ryan Selkis
14:20 Bitcoin Dominance – Chart – Back at Jan 2018 levels
15:00 Crypto Growth & Inflationary Assets
16:08 Bitcoin Leverage Ratio – did not change much after the dip
16:47 Shake-Up in Derivatives Market – 70% is Binance and FTX
17:55 Banco Generali Math
19:20 Gareth Says Gold Will Outperform ALLES in 2022!
20:40 Russia Bounty in Kazakhstan: Changes my Ukraine Calculus
22:00 Miners in the BUY ZONE? Christopher Brendler says yes
23:00 Pamp It Twins Pass – May They RIP


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