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Big Time Play-To-Earn NFT Game | The Next Epic Metaverse Game!

Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG where you team up with friends to adventure across time and space. Big Time Studios has recruited an all-star team of game industry veterans from the likes of Epic Games, Blizzard, EA and Riot. The teams credits also include contributions to some of the best loved franchises in gaming history, including Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

This ambitiously epic metaverse game is uniquely positioned to be one of the biggest games in crypto with it’s simple onboarding for non-crypto gamers, a token that won’t be made public (100% earned in-game), and procedurally generated environments that will keep gameplay fresh. It’s use of NFTs and “SPACE” may also prove to be a great investment compared to the likes of Land in the popular blockchain game The Sandbox (but not quite).

Big Time SPACE NFT sale is launching Tuesday, Dec 21. Pre-Register for the sale! Big Time website ➜

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~Big Time Play-To-Earn NFT Game | The Next Epic Metaverse Game!~
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