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Best Crypto Games | Iseamonsters Crypto | Iseamonsters Health To Earn

Best Crypto Games | Iseamonsters Crypto | Iseamonsters Health To Earn

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Welcome to Our Best Crypto Games Video!

iSea Monsters is the first health game that bridges real world activities with the metaverse. As you train in the real world, your monster levels up in the metaverse and can use those skills to compete against other monsters. While your health data is used to boost your monster’s health, you remain the 100% owner of it.

Train in the real world
Download our mobile app and
log all your real world activities.

Level up with your secure data
Earn points from the activities tracked and logged, and boost your monster’s physical health in the metaverse.

Metaverse competitions
Put your real world training to the test by participating in community tournaments and competing against other monsters in the metaverse.

8,888 Collection
Our Genesis Monster collection is created by a team of brilliant and talented artists. Select your monster based on a variety of traits and levels of rarity.

Health to Earn
Move your body IRL to earn points that boost your monster’s health and abilities, all in the context of an engaging story and game.

Play to Earn
When you win tournaments thanks to your upgraded skills, you receive tokens that you can circulate in the metaverse.

When you become a part of our community, you join a group of like minded health enthusiasts who you can lean on for support, insight and fun!


Q1 2022
β€’ Kick off
β€’ Concept design
β€’ Game design
β€’ Art direction
β€’ Characters design
β€’ Website V1
β€’ Community channels
β€’ Social media channels
β€’ White paper
β€’ Game economics
β€’ Smart contracts
β€’ Promotional trailers
β€’ First NFT mint
β€’ Partnerships
β€’ Community trainings
β€’ Contest and giveaways

Q2 2022
β€’ Mobile game (App)
β€’ Breeding
β€’ Close alpha (Test)
β€’ Launch mobile Health to Earn
β€’ Community contests and giveaways
β€’ Website V2

Q3 2022
β€’ New game features
β€’ New games (DAO gaming)
β€’ IRL events
β€’ New competitions and tournaments
β€’ Beta

Q4 2022
β€’ Gyms (Land)
β€’ New competitions
β€’ New species
β€’ and MORE!


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