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$300 per Day in Crypto Yield Farming: Portfolio Update in Bear Market!

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In a follow-up to the previous portfolio update video, we go through how farms are still printing over $250 per day even in a prolonged bear trend for Crypto and Equities. This month, the portfolio has been consolidated on DarkCrypto and Mad Meerkat Optimizer on the Cronos blockchain. Of course, given that DeFi yields vary wildly over time, these $300 per day income figures are by no means steady figures that have persisted for prolonged periods of time (at the moment).

As always, Investing in cryptocurrencies carries risk. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Videos are for education and entertainment purposes only, and none of it constitutes financial or tax advice – always do your own research and consider your own financial needs and local regulations before investing!

0:00 Intro & Shilling
1:08 HODL vs Farm
2:19 Portfolio Setup
2:30 DarkCrypto: $140 Per Day
5:25 Mad Meerkat Optimizer: $150 Per Day
7:25 Harmony One Token Unlocks: Risks of DefiKingdoms and Defira
8:30 Adding up to $300 per day
8:45 Strategy: Why no more CRO-USDC?


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