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10X PUMP COMING For IOTX? – IoTex IOTX Crypto Price Prediction November 2021

Iotex IOTX token has gained over 200% since the beginning of November. Iotex is a blockchain focused on the economic of the Internet Of Things. The price for IOTX is now trading at about 19 cents. In this video, let’s look at the technical analysis for Iotex IOTX and predict the short term, medium term and end of bull run price targets for GALA.

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0:00 – Iotex IOTX Crypto
0:17 – Crypto Market Sentiment – Fear and Greed Index
0:57 – Potential Dump? – Iotex IOTX 4 Hour Technical Analysis
2:56 – Still Bullish? – Iotex IOTX Daily Technical Analysis
3:46 – Something Concerning – Iotex IOTX Weekly Technical Analysis
5:13 – How High Can IOTX Go? – Iotex IOTX End Of Bull Run Price Prediction Targets


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