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10 tips every new player should know | Thetan Arena – NFT / PlayToEarn game

New to Thetan Arena? Here is my list of 10 tips that beginner Thetan Arena players should practice and know. I’ll break down some of the basics and tell you some of the things you should do as a new player, and some of the things you should avoid doing. Hopefully by the end of the video you’ll have enough value to perform better and win more matches overall in your journey up the Thetan leaderboards!

If you want to play along with me use my link below to download the game:
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0:00 Change Hotkeys
0:33 Use your mic
1:06 Spread out!
1:40 Watch different areas
2:22 Use your cover
3:04 Don’t spam your attack
3:55 Don’t go SOLO
4:52 Use the bushes
5:32 Heal up wisely
6:24 Know your role

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Thetan Arena is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game that is currently in Open Beta. This will allow anyone around the world to test the current state of the game, it’s game modes and earning mechanics. Thetan Arena is an play to earn game that is connected to the blockchain. Their game is very similar to Heroe’s Strike, the developers (Wolffun Game Studio) original MOBA game that found huge success on Android and iOS.

In Thetan Arena players will choose a character to level, progress through the game and earn rewards called Thetan Coin (THC) and Thetan Gems (THG). These tokens can then be used to purchase new characters, rare skins and Thetan boxes.

This highly competitive game has the potential to become the next esport game on the blockchain. In the future they will release more features such as guilds, cosmetics, and even more battle modes. There are also plans for the devs to include guilds, staking of tokens and pets, tournaments and content updated every season.

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I have always chosen the path less traveled, and continue to do everyday. We live in a new world. I strongly believe that in the near future, being more of a creative and owning your own brand will become more important than ever before. Now add blockchain technology and you have the recipe for something really amazing! Where individuals will have regain full control of their professional value.

πŸ₯œTL;DR…. I’m randy. I love traveling, blockchain, video games, entrepreneurship. I owe a lot to Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee)
This video was created for entertainment purposes only. Am I not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.

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